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Family Legal Issues in Texas

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Facts About Family Law

  • Family law consists of many areas regarding family issues including matrimonial law; divorce, separation, and annulments; child support and child custody; adoption; abuse and family violence; and much more.

  • The issue of a married couple splitting up can end in several ways. A divorce usually involves a permanent end to the marriage with many disputes that need to be resolved, most likely through a court-ordered settlement.

  • Decisions must also be made regarding the best interests of children after a divorce. Child custody and child support decisions are critical issues not only for the parents, but also for the children. A judge will always decide in the best interest of the children while considering the rights of each parent.

  • Other matters of family law involve family violence resolutions, prenuptial agreements, legal guardians, visitation rights, conservatorships, name changes, adoptions, and other family situations. These matters are usually handled by attorneys who specialize in a particular family law issue.

  • Many people try to handle family law matters on their own, mostly with disappointing or disastrous results. If you live in the Fort Worth area and have an issue that needs a legal resolution, it is highly recommended that you find a Fort Worth family law attorney to assist and represent you. An experienced attorney will always be concerned with your best interests in mind